Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 8

Jeremy's Status Message Proudly Presents The Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the eight day of whatchamacallit,
What's-his-name gave to me,
Eight gizmos,
Seven thingamajigs,
Six thingamabobbers,
Five hoobajoobs,
Four doodads,
Three ka-jiggers,
Two whatsits,
And one of those doo-hickies.

Special Blog Bonus: This post is loosely based on that show. You know the one. The show with the guy who does that thing. No, the thing. You know, with the stuff? Yeah, that thing. That guy cracks me up. I love that show.

1 comment:

Willie Y said...

Yea I know that guy, he was in that other thing too. I'll never forget whats-his-name.