Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 10

Jeremy's Status Message Proudly Presents The Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the Tenth Day of Christmas,
My cryptic crossword gave to me...

10) Bounding angle pi confused clearing (7)
9) Women's mixed-up ideals (6)
8) In the beginning man ate insects, dinosaurs, sometimes the help (5)
7) She was a nun's sister initially (5)
6) Placing some of replay in green (6)
5) Blonde returned part of reasoned logic (6)
4) Art or craft racket (7)
3) We would be yes to the ear, cheese eaters (6)
2) Peacemakers do vestment introduction (5)
1) We hear twins appear topless (4)

Explanation: These are all cryptic crossword clues. Once you figure out the answers, try to figure out the clues! I'll post the full explanations tomorrow.

Bonus Clues That Didn't Make the Cut:

10) Creators marry ladies (5)
9) Rather croon it sounds like waltzing (7)
8) Bleeding breed seen in a ruling dynasty (7)
7) Stroking oddly sows IBM's main nags bathing (8)
5) Beheaded cellos worn by Elrond and Galadriel (5)
1) Danny or Shirley even spray rotors in degree (9)
1) Astronaut reentry conceals ash or Aspen shades (4)

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