Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Da Vinci's Last Deathtrap

"I have devised a cunning and inescapable deathtrap. Unfortunately, this room is too small to contain it."

Source: This is the punchline from yesterday's Irregular Webcomic. Say what you want about internet comics, but there's no way you're finding a good number theory joke in Family Circus or Shoe.

Explanation: For those of you who do not remember (and shame on you if you don't) I first mentioned Fermat's last theorem nine days ago. You can read about it under the explanation for item "2".


Jack said...

But would it have been as funny if it wasn't built out of LEGOs?

(The cartoon, not Fermat's last theorem)

Jeremy said...

I have to say, a Google search for "LEGO comic" was how I discovered Irregular Webcomic in the first place.