Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rock Music Makes You Stupid!

From the archives:

"Rock music has been found to cause chemical imbalances in the human body. The bass tones and driving drumbeats of modern rock have been proven to demonstrate a reaction with the cerebral-spinal fluid and pituitary gland of the brain. When exposed to rock, the adrenaline and sex glands over secrete. Their hormonal production is pushed into overdrive. This is why feelings of lust and sensuality wash over everyone there. Since the body’s hormones are imbalanced, it compensates by drawing blood sugar from the brain to bring everything into alignment. Since blood sugar is the primary material used by the brain to feed itself, a lack of decision making ability is the inevitable result."

Source: Jeff Godwin's book, Dancing With Demons.

Explanation: So, after watching the movie Footloose I actually hopped on the internet and did some research, wondering if there actually were people out there who refused to dance for religious purposes. I found this quote in an article and I had to use it as a status message. As a counterpoint, I propose you watch the following video and see if it impairs your decision making ability.

Does it make your cerebral spinal-fluid all tingly? Do you feel compelled to rock? Do you not remember what you were doing before you watched the video? Are you trying to figure out how Angus can play guitar with his stubby little munchkin fingers? We want to know!

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