Sunday, January 6, 2008

True Hollywood TURN OFF THE TV!

From the archives:

If you're ever flipping channels and you find yourself watching the "E!" network, just turn off the television and go read a book or something. It just isn't worth it.

Explanation: After several years of searching the channels for anything, and I mean anything to watch, I realized that I ultimately would end up watching some garbage on "E!" instead of doing something more productive with my life. You know, "Top 25 Celebrity Split-Ups" or some "True Hollywood Story" or even worse - Howard Stern. This had nothing to do with my need to see such a program - it was just the most interesting thing to watch when I didn't want to get up from the television.

Finally, I declared today's status message to be a rule in my life. If I get to "E!" and it looks interesting to me, I turn off the television and go do something else. It's that easy.

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Willie Y said...

......even if it is the true hollywood story of Pinky Lee?