Friday, January 18, 2008

A Mountain or a Fish?

I'm confused. Is she a mountain or a fish?

Source: This would be a line from a wonderfully written conversation between Alan and Charlie on Two and a Half Men. Unfortunately, this blog is too family-oriented to contain the remainder of it.

Special Blog Bonus: Moving right along, I have two exciting links to make up for today's lack of information...

First, somebody created a LEGO Minas Tirith. You have to see it. Quite impressive.

And secondly, with a hat tip to my favorite Bosnian, here is a gizmo that you didn't know existed... and now you can't live without.

It's a battery charger that allows you to set your charging rate, in order to be more gentle on batteries. It tests batteries and tells you what their capacity is. Most importantly for me, though, it refreshes old rechargeable batteries. Ever use a rechargeable battery long enough to cut its performance down to about 15 minutes? This will refresh the battery, giving you a much greater performance out of those old batteries. It's green, it's a gizmo, and you MUST HAVE IT! (Well, I must have it. I don't know about you.)


Willie Y said...

Yea rechargeable battery OK that was funny. I don't know were you come up with this stuff. I can't stop smiling. Any who can you post any earlier in the morning I get up at 430 AM and have to wait too long to get my Jeremy Status Message message. I hope it won't be too inconvenient for you. Looking forward to your co- operation

JCA said...

now that is ffffing brilliant.

(Minas Tirith, I mean. The battery thing, eh, I guess it's cool if you use things that run on batteries.)

Jeremy said...

Makes me wish I had more white LEGOs. You know... if I were the sort of person who played with LEGOs.