Friday, January 25, 2008

Tom Platz Knows Squat

"After a good set of squats, I'm breathless and have difficulty walking."

Source: Tom Platz. THE Tom Platz. What? You have no idea who Tom Platz is? Shame on you.

Explanation: At his prime, Tom Platz had the best leg development in the history of bodybuilding. This was 30-some years ago, and in a sport where everyone has gotten bigger and better (possibly thanks to advances in modern chemistry) Platz's legs remain the gold standard.

At a 198 pound bodyweight, Platz squatted 600 pounds in competition. At his best he did 28 reps with 405 pounds and 52 reps with 350. With 225 pounds, he has squatted for ten straight minutes. And, amazingly, even with all that bulk, the man could do a full split. Just sick.

Anyway, the moral of the story is simple. Squats are good for your legs.


Jack said...

Okay, I will take your word that squats are good for your legs. I am more skeptical that any normal human would want their legs to look like Tom Platz’s. But, what I would really like to know is why in the center picture are Tom Platz’s shorts around his ankles?

I will not use this as an opportunity to use cheep puns, off color comments or tasteless jokes. I am a better human being than that, but I am sure you will think of them on your own.

Jeremy said...

What you can't see are that his pants are shredded because he flexed his quads. This is known to happen to people like Tom and I from time to time.