Monday, January 21, 2008

On My TiVo the Packers Still Have a Chance

I have a dream that one day my TiVo will actually record an NFL game in its entirety.

Explanation: Since I played volleyball all day yesterday, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open during the Packers-Giants game last night. So, I told the TiVo to record the rest of it and went to bed around halftime. This morning, I watched the second half of the game. At the end of the recording, the score is tied 20-20 and the Giants are driving toward a possible game winning field goal with about 1:30 left in regulation.

This is exactly why my Virginia Tech recording preferences always record an hour and a half after the network schedules the game to end. When recording on the fly, however, sometimes it just doesn't seem worth the effort to go through all of those options. Oh well. Only one more game left this year, and I'll be watching that live.

Also, I'd like to send a "hello" to all those Americans who get today off. You'll be reading this after you wake up around 10:00, I'm sure. Jerks.

Important Note From The Management: You may notice that there were no posts this weekend. Well, there weren't. I will backfill them when I have a spare moment or two today. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Willie Y said...

I just kept checking and checking every hour to see if you had posted and you hadn't and it was scary and I didn't know what to do call the police or what. So I took a couple of deep breaths and kept repeating over and over. That's what I was repeating ,over and over. Monica kept saying over what? Any who the Giants won and I am as happy as Jeremy eating a Wendys Baconator.

Jeremy said...