Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go Green!

If I had a pet made out of #1 plastic, do you know what I'd call him? Pete!

Explanation: Whenever I check a piece of plastic to see if it needs to be recycled, I always see "PETE" written under the #1 symbol and think to myself, "I guess this can/bottle/container is named Pete!" Maybe I'm the only one...

Special Blog Bonus: We at Jeremy's Status Message care for our environment. We strongly support telecommuting as a way to help our planet and maintain a "green" lifestyle. Here are a few pointers:

  • Save gas. A mere fifteen mile commute for an entire year can add up to about 7000 miles. Even in a hybrid, that's over 200 gallons of gas. Working from home will save that gas. In fact, we suggest a healthy lunch of turkey chili, so you can help create gas right here in America.
  • An office is expensive to heat. Staying at home, you can turn your heat off and just throw on a few layers of fleece. Just be sure to properly ground yourself before using any sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Showers waste thousands of gallons of water each year. Baths may waste slightly less, but if you're working from home, who cares about personal hygeine? Shower once a week. Shaving is for sissies. If you do have to leave the house, just tell people you're growing a playoff beard for whatever sport is in season.*
  • Millions of trees are killed each year just to make napkins. Don't use them. An added bonus is that you can save extra food in your playoff beard in case you get stuck on a teleconference and can't run down to the kitchen.
As always, we at Jeremy's Status Message reserve the right to update and revise this list during the day.

Also, if you want a truly "Green" candidate we suggest you vote Hulk for president.

*If you don't follow sports, just say your playoff beard is for the local hockey team. The NHL playoffs last for about four months, so you have a high probability of being right.

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Willie Y said...

Well I guess I won't be visiting you any time soon during the week. You can really paint a picture Jer.