Thursday, January 31, 2008

Check the Flavor of the Rhythm I Wrote

Let me clear my throat!!!

Source: Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool. Thankfully, this was the most notable track off of DJ Kool's hit 1995 album Allow Me to Perform This Bodily Function. (I strongly suggest you avoid the 24 minute Permit Me to Yawn track.)

Explanation: None necessary. Few sounds bring in the party better than the horns at the beginning of this song. I was wondering if there was an actual video for this song and it turns out there is, but not the Live in Philly version that I'm used to. Oh, and it stinks, so...

Special Blog Bonus: Somebody on YouTube created a Fraggle Rock version of Let Me Clear My Throat. I figured you might enjoy this more.

1 comment:

Willie Y said...

the only thing I get when I clear my throat is a phlegm ball.