Monday, April 30, 2007

Flags Of Our Lifting Partners

What do you get when you cross an Irish woman with a Bosnian?

Answer: A Cherylandnihadian!

In honor of the happy couple, we at Jeremy's Status Message have merged the flags of Bosnia and Ireland into the new improved flag of Cherylandnihadland!

Behold, the flag of the tiny one-bedroom republic:

Flag of Cheryl and Nihad
Special Blog Bonus: In (belated) honor of Jim's 30th birthday last week, we present the new and improved flag of Jimania:

Flag of Jimania
Note that the new flag is identical to the old flag, right down to the Syracuse/Mets colors, except that all of the interests and activities have been replaced by a person in a rocking chair.


Jeremy said...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jimania and Hulkamania are two very different things.

Jim said...

I'd comment more on the effects of Jimania and my lack of mobility as depicted in the flag of my country, but it seems to be time for my nap.

Heather said...

I was a party to the brief but rousing, "2 hour war" (a newer release based on such past hits as "The Seven Week War" - Denmark gets crushed by Prussians, angry that people think they are just Russia with a nifty "P") in which Jimania attacked and subdued an unaware but extremely hostile "Kendom", using lethal combinations of covert weapons of mass destruction, such as the ellusive Quait and "Heather's Verbal mumbled lashings". The rousting was decisive as, if I recall correctly, Jim wanted to go sit down.

Many congratulations to the Holy Hodnanian Emperor and his Prime Minister!