Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Green Jacket Matches the Plastic Grass in My Basket

Small children getting loaded up on Easter candy, missing their naps, and running themselves into the ground - a tradition unlike any other.

Source: If you pay extra special close attention to your television, you may hear the Masters golf tournament described as "a tradition unlike any other." And by "extra special close" I mean watching CBS any time between February and April.

Explanation: All the children I was around yesterday actually were candy-free, but the excitement of the day kept them running until they couldn't stand anymore. Add candy to the mix, and you've got yourself some serious entertainment.

By the way, what's with this green jacket thing? The jacket is ugly. I think last year's jacket winner should be forced to play the entire next tournament in his green jacket. Now that would be worth watching.

Special Blog Bonus:

In honor of his second place finish at Augusta, here's Tiger Woods playing with a golf ball in a Nike commercial.

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