Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morning's Here!

Morning's here,
The morning is here!
Sunshine is here,
The sky is clear.
The morning's here,
Get into gear.
Breakfast is near,
The dark of night has disappeared.

Source: The One With All the Haste episode of Friends

Explanation: A guy opposite Joey's room sings this song every morning. When Rachel and Monica switch apartments with Monica and Rachel, Rachel wakes up to his singing, and not happily.

Apparently, the song is based on a flugelhorn instrumental piece by Chuck Mangione called "Feels So Good." And I can't type "flugelhorn" without A) giggling and B) putting up this link. (If you were the only flugelhorn player I knew, you'd get a link too!)

Special Blog Bonus:

Here's a clip of the Friends episode showing that Rachel isn't a morning person:

And here's Joey back in his room at the end of the episode singing along:

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