Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gun Week - The Palm UZEO

In light of the recent events at Virginia Tech, we at Jeremy's Status Message are concerned with the very serious issue of personal safety. After poring over the NRA web site, we have decided that the only way Americans can be truly safe is for every man, woman, and child in this country to be heavily armed at all times. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has remained unheeded by far too many for far too long.

But we also understand the inconvenience of carrying firearms in a world where our pockets are already full with the numerous other mobile gadgets that have proven so necessary for modern survival. After months in the lab, our crack engineering team has merged the firearm and the mobile device to help simplify the life of the modern gunowner.

Jeremy's Status Message proudly presents "Gun Week!"

The Palm UZEO. It goes where you go. It combines a world GSM phone, email, broadband wireless, Windows Mobile®, and a 1700 round per minute firing capacity. That's right - you can exercise your Constitutional right 28 times a second! Protect your loved ones and show them the virtues of the NRA website all with one convenient device!

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