Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I don't mean to brag, but I'm the greatest!

Source: Sidney Deane, from White Men Can't Jump

Explanation: I WON THE TOURNAMENT POOL!!! To the 133 tournament pool entries beneath me, I say to you these words of Homer Simpson:

I am the champion!
I am the champion!
No time for losers, 'cause I am the champion
Of the world!

If you prefer, how about some Fresh Prince:

I'm the ultimate, and that's all I can say.
I sat down for about eight hours a day
Trying to figure out the proper description of me,
and I came to the decision that
there's no one syllable or phrase
that can adequately describe this new craze,
But I'll sum it up in one sentence, let's see...
OK, I've got it, "All praise me!"

Maybe Kenny Mayne said it best:

"I am the king of the diamond! Let there be a grand clubhouse feast! Bring me the finest meats and cheeses throughout the land!"

Wow, I can totally do this all day. Maybe I will...

For now, though, please enjoy ten things I can buy with my $300:

10) Nothing beats 600 hot apple pies at McDonald's.
9) I can get myself one of them $300 haircuts. This one's lost its pizazz.
8) Three shares of company stock, which should be worth at least $250 in ten years.
7) A wedding gift for my favorite Bosnian
6) Donuts for all of 707
5) 4.62 times more stuff than Tom S. can buy with his measly $65
4) I can envision it now: www.statusmessage.com
3) Bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.
2) Forget the money, I can talk smack for a year, LOSERS!
1) 60 more NCAA tournament pool entries!


Bill said...

Just catching up w/ messages.. I vote for spending the cash on :
-- A wedding gift for my favorite Bosnian

Mainly because if he is happy , I get more playing time on the v-ball court!

Rich said...

In the same vein as 'peace keeping force', 'jumbo shrimp', and 'modest Yankee fan' Jeremy has coined the newest member of the 'most moronic oxymoron club'