Saturday, April 21, 2007

Because It's Fun To Say Capablanca...

From the archives:

After losing the chess championship, Jose Capablanca apparently spent quite a bit of his spare time hanging out in a specific cafe in Paris. Friends, acquaintances, and others would often drop by, participating in games and libations with the former, charismatic, champion. One day, while he was having coffee and reading a newspaper, a stranger stopped at his table, motioned at the chess set and indicated he would like to play if Capablanca was interested. Capablanca's face lit up, he folded the newspaper away, reached for the board and proceeded to pocket his own queen. The opponent (who apparently had no idea who Capablanca was) reacted with slight anger. "Hey! You don't know me! I might beat you!", he said. Capablanca, smiling gently, said quietly, "Sir, if you could beat me, I would know you."

Explanation: When you're a world class player, you're allowed to talk smack.

Special Blog Bonus: Here are a few Simpsons chess clips. Enjoy your weekend!

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