Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day? No Day!

Three-week-olds just don't appreciate the snow like they should.

Explanation: It's a snow day! My wife's school is cancelled, which would matter if she wasn't on maternity leave. It might effect me if I didn't work out of the house. That leaves my little girl. We took her out to play in the first snow of her life and she just sunk to the bottom and fell asleep in it. Pretty sad.

OK, so our daughter didn't actually get to see the snow up close, but she does seem to have a very strong grasp on the concept of "Monday." The absolute highlight of last night was perhaps the most disgusting experience I've had since becoming a father. Let's just say that (among other things) it dirtied a wall 3 feet away and we'll leave it at that.

Special Blog Bonus: Moving on to more entertaining subject matter, here's a LEGO temple hosting the sacrifice of a poor young woman:

And yes, if you were wondering that is indeed a Princess Leia torso. That's pretty much a trademark of this artist. You can see more of his stuff here. I strongly suggest you page through his photostream a bit. Some of his castle models are just insane.


Coop said...

I have an uncontrollable urge to go venture out in the snow and buy some legos. Maybe I'll do that when I get bored with Hulu and Netflix. So many times wasting tasks and so little time to do them all!

Jeremy said...

You're just evil, you know that? At least I know the girls will keep you busy today.

Willie Y said...

You got me thinking about what happend last night with your daughter. I had a similar experience. It was after a long week end and I had just eaten a whole can of cheese wiz, when all of a sudden I....... Well maybe I'll just hold on to that story for another day. Don't eat any kind of colored snow.