Monday, March 16, 2009

Wait, They Played Basketball This Year?

So, do I pick by uniform color this year, or just stick to my trusty coin flip?

Explanation: Ah, the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament is upon us. Apparently, even when I have a kid the colleges have the nerve to continue playing basketball games. As a result, I have the following working against me in this year's pool:

  • I watched a total of about 20 minutes of basketball this season. That includes the end of the Virginia Tech game where they beat Wake, parts of the Virginia Tech game where they lost to Duke, and the end of Syracuse's Big East Semifinal game where they played a measly single overtime period against West Virginia.
  • I don't trust my decision-making abilities right now, as my sleep patterns are not quite what they once were.
  • I can't make my picks while pacing the floors and making shushing sounds, which seems to be how I spend most of my free time these days.
In conclusion, I know nothing about this year's college basketball season and I have neither the time nor the energy to make picks. And yet, I feel obligated to, given my recent victory in this very basketball pool. So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make my picks.

The coin has proven quite amusing in past years. Do I go with that tried and true method, or should I try something new? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jim said...

Lauren likes to use the Mascot Method in 2 variations:

1. Which mascot could beat up the other (this got hard for her when bird teams played other birds)

2. Which mascot is cuter. This one is rather subjective, and makes you say 'Awww...' a lot.

Willie Y said...

Pick the teams with the most bazar nickname. The Chattanooga Mocs or the Akron Zips. And on the women side St Peters, tee hee ha ha , Peahens.

JCA said...

The year I won the law clerks' pool, I filled out my grid based on how cultish I gauged the school's athletic following to be.

Jeremy said...


(Sorry - I know we're not in the big dance - it's just a reflex)