Monday, March 30, 2009

Hooray for Spit-Up!

It's official. Every single piece of clothing that I own now has spit-up on it.

Source: Last night it finally happened. I was holding my daughter and realized that the shirt I was wearing was the last article of clothing I own that hadn't been spit-up on. (The warm-up pants I was wearing had fallen from those ranks only a few hours beforehand.)

Congratulations to that T-shirt. For about 3 hours it stood head and shoulders above the rest of my clothing as the only spit-up free garment I owned. It was a glorious reign, which came screeching to a halt about 2 minutes later as a result of a rather impressive little burp. I think I'll just wear a poncho from now on.

On a side note, I'd just like to mention that people keep telling me this the "potted plant" stage of a child's life. Now that I think about it, most potted plants will take all the water you give them, only to leak any they don't need.

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Willie Y said...

Sounds like my wardrob from the 60's, with the difference being that it was my spit-up.