Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Short Cultural Lesson

In case you're wondering, Bosnians don't differentiate between desks and tables.

Explanation: In almost 10 years of studying the Bosnian people*, this was one of the interesting facts I have discovered. They do not have words for "desk" and "table." They only have a single word that covers both. Imagine if you would, living in a world where the two were interchangeable. Oh the horror! Would Spamalot be nearly as funny if it featured the Knights of the Round Desk? Could we get our passwords reset faster at work if we called the Help Table? Would college have been nearly as fun with beer pong desks? (I think maybe more fun, actually) Yes, we have much to learn from this fascinating little civilization of theirs.

Stay tuned for future posts as we discuss other fascinating rituals of the Bosnian culture, including the 13-egg cake, running on ice, and of course, the rolling of the five pound plate across the gym floor.

*Admittedly, my sample size of the Bosnian people was 1, but it's a small country, so I'm thinking that's enough.


JCA said...

13 egg cake???

Willie Y said...


Jeremy said...

Nihad's mom came from Bosnia and made him a cake which required 13 eggs. Admittedly, several were used in the icing, but that's still a lot of eggs.