Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku Friday Reunion Tour!

I feel haiku-ey.
Which is better than flu-ey.
I guess that's something.

Explanation: Haiku Friday is back on it's once-in-a-lifetime reunion tour! See all of your favorites in one final performance! All of the original members will be there! See 5 take a break from his solo career! See 7 clean and sober for the first time ever! And ladies, straight from the cover of G.Q., the one, the only, 5 will be there as well! Buy tickets now! This is your FINAL chance to see Haiku Friday*.

And there you go. I have resorted to forming haikus from made-up words. You should try it. In fact, it's Friday. You should. Just post a comment with a haiku. Two requirements:

1) 5-7-5
2) Use a made-up word.

Let's see what you've got readership!

*Until the not-yet-announced We Ran Out of Money From the Last Reunion Tour tour.


JCA said...

Must choose caterer.
Tastings fill the calendar,
Lenten fast be damned.

Willie Y said...

The Starbustian
Gooey chewy bursts of fun

Willie Y said...

Last post S/B

The Starburstian
Gooey chewy bursts of fun
Pulling Tooth'ises