Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy House of Pain Day!

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down!

Source: My favorite Irishmen, House of Pain.

Explanation: Yes, I said House of Pain. I know half of you are screaming "What about U2?" at your monitors right now. Just take a moment to compose yourselves...

... And now I can continue. Just admit it. House of Pain is the most Irish band EVER. One of their members is named Danny Boy for [your diety of choice]'s sake. They feature such songs as Shamrocks and Shenanigans and Top o' the Morning to Ya. They have such wonderful lyrics as:

I'm Irish but I'm not a leprechaun. You wanna fight? Then step up and we'll get it on.

What's up with that brew, man? Hurry up and finish. Then grab the barmaid and order me another Guinness.

Put on your [expletive deleted]kickers and kick some [expletive deleted].

So there you have it. In honor of St. Patty's Day I will be listening to House of Pain all day.

Interesting Note: St. Patrick's day concludes one of the busiest holiday stretches I can think of. First, 3/14 is Pi day, a huge day for irrational folks everywhere. That's followed by the Ides of March, THE holiday for the dead emporers in your life. Then comes 3/16, which doesn't have a holiday, but it's probably big for Van Halen fans and people named John who hold signs at baseball games. Then you top it all off with green beer! What a week!


Willie Y said...

Top o the morning Jeremy. What is out in the yard all summer and is Irish?
Paddy O'Furniture

Jeremy said...

March 16th happens to be several important holidays, including Curlew Day, Lips Appreciation Day (no offense, but I won't be celebrating that with you), and St. Urho's Day.

Jeremy said...

Dude, I can totally appreciate Lipps Inc!

Won't you take me to Funkytown? I wanna take you to Funkytown...

Lisa said...

Um, you forgot MY BIRTHDAY on the 18th. The festivities don't end until tomorrow, cousin. Don't take off your party hat just yet.

Jeremy said...

Sweet! Then we deem 3/18 as Lisa's Birthday Day and that ties us in with 3/19, which is NCAA Tournament Tipoff Day! Between green beer, the birthday blowout, and clicking "Refresh" on ESPN.com all day, this may be the least productive workweek of the year!