Friday, February 27, 2009

The Apple/Doctor Corollary

A doctor a day leaves you with no time for eating apples.

Explanation: I got a call yesterday reminding me of a checkup with a doctor this morning. As nothing has changed (which is good) since my last appointment with this doctor, it was a fun appointment to go to:

Doctor: "How are you?"

Jeremy: "Fine."

Doctor: "Come back in six months."

Still, this is my second doctor's appointment in three days, which is just silly. How can I keep them away if I have no time for eating apples?

Special Blog Bonus: Enough of that. I've been catching up on my LEGO browsing. While it's a little late (thanks, Kari!) here is the Queen of Hearts's castle in honor of Valentine's Day:

You can see more images of this creation here.

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