Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Camera Envy

I don't care what it actually does. I'm just upset because it's ten better than mine.

Explanation: Today is my cousin's birthday. To protect her identity, I will simply refer to her as Lisa R. Lisa R was gushing on Facebook the other day about how her loving boyfriend (we'll just call him Zach G) gave her a Nikon D60 for her birthday. It was very nice of Zach G to give her such a wonderful gift. I'm glad she's so happy and I'm glad he got her something that made her so happy.

HOWEVER, I am NOT glad that she now has a Nikon D60, while I have a Nikon D50. My Nikon D50 was the entry-level digital SLR that Nikon offered a few years back. When I purchased it, the next model up was the D70. I researched quite a bit and came to the conclusion that the D50 was the best camera for me at the time. I was happy with it at the time, and I still love it to this day.

Lisa R now owns a D60. THAT'S TEN BETTER THAN MY CAMERA! I have no idea what the features are. Frankly, it might not even be a digital SLR. If the folks at Nikon know anything, then it probably is, but I'm not checking online to verify that. Regardless of what it actually is, the present has to be better than mine. Ten better, to be precise. What could possibly make it ten better? I can only imagine. Three dimensional holographic imaging? High definition video recording? The ability to play Blue Ray DVDs? An optional D-Fit package for working out at home?

It's killing me! I think it's time to buy a D61.


Jack said...

Camera envy is such an ugly trait!

I have just returned from a recent vacation to a rich photo opportunity environment. Everyone had a camera. The grandparents on the trip had cameras, the seven year children had cameras, the bus driver had a camera, even the bus had a camera!

But I was not upset. I had no camera envy problems. Most of the cameras were not equal to my camera and two other couples who had the same make and model camera as me did not bring the five additional lenses I brought.

And then there was Dorothy. And Dorothy had a camera. And the camera had additional lenses. And the camera had a tripod. And the camera had a really, really, cool carrying case/backpack. And the camera was new and VERY expensive.

Did I get upset? No I did not!

We climbed a volcano on the first day of our trip (9200 feet above sea level) to look into the crater. I could not get a picture due to rainy foggy weather. The weather did not bother Dot. She ran up the side of the mountain, setup her tripod, mounted her camera and attached her special holographic infrared imaging lens and took crystal clear pictures. I looked over her shoulder to see the images on her huge camera display screen and was amazed by them.

Dot looked at me and asked if I liked the pictures composition. I told her the view point was not that creative but I could help her fix that.

The fall into the crater took several seconds. I am sure she got some really great shots on the way down.

I guess she forgot to get the rescue from a crater filled with molten lava option for her very expensive camera. Too bad! Photographers should come prepared.

Did I get upset? No I did not!

But my pictures were the best of those surviving the vacation!

Willie Y said...

Your family is scaring me. And by the way my camera is way better than your camera.

Jack said...

Oh Yeah!

No way!

Jeremy said...

I'd watch out, Willie. If he's willing to push a lady into a volcano, I don't think nudging you off of Mount Battie would phase him much.

Willie Y said...

Can't you take a little joke....Tee hee.... I was only kidding.

Note: Stay off Mt Battie with Jack. If i cannot stay in back of Jack.