Monday, March 9, 2009

Virtual Mouse Hunting

When placed onto a DeathBot, this party hat spices things up!

Source: The oh-so-addictive Facebook game Mousehunt.

Explanation: In Mousehunt you work your way through the land of Gnawnia, setting traps and catching the various breeds of mice there. Over time you earn enough gold to buy bigger and better traps. You also gain more experience and discover other lands in which to hunt. Throw in potions, loot, and the ability to craft your own traps and cheese and it's a pretty darn cool game. With my expansive mouse hunting experience, you can see why might enjoy such a game.

Anyway, one of the traps that's available is called the Mouse DeathBot. As you can imagine, it's a pretty imposing looking thing, with missiles, blades, guns, and such. It can do quite a bit of damage to a mouse. This past week, the game ran a promotion to celebrate their first birthday, and when you caught special Birthday Mice, you earned gifts. One of the gifts I found was a party hat, which came with the description I used for my status today. Intrigued, I bought myself a Mouse DeathBot, broke it down and rebuilt it with the party hat. The result? A PartyBot!

I have to say, they're right. The party hat really does spice things up!

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