Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Karmarang Always Comes Back To You

Usually karma takes a little longer to catch up to me.

Explanation: One week ago, a friend of mine was complaining about how his hot water heater was a piece of crap. He has complained about this hot water heater before, and I know he's had issues with it. Why? Because I happen to have sold him his townhouse.

Knowing that I managed to avoid all (or at least most) of the hot water heater issues in that townhouse, I grinned just the slightest bit when I saw he was having trouble with it again. Big mistake. Karma took the express train to Jeremyville.

Yesterday, my wife went to get something out of the downstairs closet and noticed that the floor was wet. Why was the floor wet, you ask? Because our hot water heater happens to be in that closet as well. The water was the equivalent of blood to a household appliance - after many years, it had given up the fight and had to be put down.

So, within one week of cracking the slightest bit of a grin, I had to replace my hot water heater. Beware of karma!

Special Blog Bonus: For those of you who enjoy just a little bit more of my misery, I should also point out that I had originally gotten all of that Sears credit late last year in case one of our major appliances died. Then, when the economy turned sour, I feared for the health of Sears and started using the credit on other things. Little did I know.

Extra @$&%ing Special Blog Bonus: For those of you who just can't get enough of my misery, there's more! Just last month I joined the PSE&G WorryFree Repair program in case such a disaster occurred. Sure enough, after spending only $8.10 in the program (the equivalent of kicking the bucket immediately after getting a large life insurance policy) I was thrilled to find out that we needed to utilize their services. Turns out that $8.10 covered the cost of a PSE&G guy coming to our house and saying "You need a new water heater and your contract does not cover that." Money well spent!


Jeremy said...

I guess even Karma knows that you're evil.

Willie Y said...

Karma sucks!