Thursday, May 31, 2007

Turbo Boost Has Its Advantages

Yesterday, I learned that you can annoy tailgaters by repeatedly washing your windshield.

Explanation: Hey - you spend a long time in a car and you have to be creative somehow. On the bright side, I did a three hour drive in two and a half hours. It's amazing what that "Turbo Boost" button on my car can do.

Special Blog Bonus: KITT vs. KARR! It's a Knight Rider extravaganza!

I'm still wondering what Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World is doing inside the car, though.


sam said...

Just to illustrate the dangers of skimming a status message on SameTime, I rushed over here anxious to hear how washing your windshield could possibly annoy alligators.

Unless the alligator was actually on your windshield at the time, and even then I think "annoy" might be an understatement.

Jeremy said...

I like to think that my status message would have been a bit more colorful if I had actually had an alligator on my windshield last night. I'd at least have a photo up here or something.