Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Luck, Kenny

"We must split up into two teams: Team A and Team B. Team A will consist of myself, Stan, Kyle, Eric, Chef, and Nurse Goodly. Team B will consist of Kenny. Now, listen closely, Team B. Your goal will be to turn on the backup generator. To do this you must brave the storm outside and get into this sewage duct. Meanwhile, Team A will go to the holding area, here where there is a television, and some cocoa. We will drink the cocoa and watch family programming until Team B makes it through the sewage duct. By that time, Team B, remember that's you Kenny, should reach the outer core of the generator. It will be a cold and dangerous climb to the top, and there could be velociraptors here. Once you reach the top, you should be able to get a clear view from this window of us drinking cocoa and watching television. Then, you could proceed down into the generator, and power it on. Are there any questions?"

Source: South Park.

Explanation: This is from the second part of the episode where we find out who Eric Cartman's father is. The episode begins with Dr. Mephisto about to reveal the answer when the lights go out. Mephisto is then shot. This is the plan for the effort to turn on the backup generator.

If you don't follow South Park, at this point in the show's life Kenny was killed in pretty much every episode. As "Team B" he certainly seemed to be heading in that direction again.

Special Blog Bonus: South Park themed Mac vs. PC commercial:

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