Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Can Totally Reach That

They say "You can't teach height." That's a shame, because I'm really good at it.

Explanation: You know that thing that you can't reach without the stepstool? Yeah, I can reach that.

Unfortunately, I have to step out this morning. Please behave for your substitutes, Mr. Bol and Mr. Bogues.

Here's the syllabus if you're interested:

  • Introduction: Watch Your Head and Other Valuable Lessons
  • Clothes Dryers and Why Tall People Hate Them
  • Airplanes. Exit Rows: Good. Person in Front of You Reclining: Not Good.
  • The Top Shelf: Not Just for Dust Anymore
  • Footboards on beds, Modesty Boards on Desks, and Other Evil Inventions.
  • Lightening Will Hit You First. Beware!
  • Big Shoes, Small Selections
  • The Perils of Walking: Spiderwebs, Tree Branches, and Light Fixtures
  • Gas Mileage and Legroom: Inversely Proportional
  • "Cute" Houses and Other Euphemisms for "You Won't Fit"
  • The Ineffectiveness of Chest-Level Shower Heads
  • My Feet: Why Did They Move So Far Away?


Jim said...

You can't touch that sign in Dallas.

Jeremy said...

I can too. I just have to heal from the last time I tried before I try again.