Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Evil Jeremy, I Know You're Out There!

Did you ever think that somewhere out there there was an evil version of you? You know, someone just like you, but evil. Take me for example. Imagine what this world would be like if there was some other "Evil Jeremy" out there who was also in the computer industry, was a pop culture junkie, worked out, played volleyball, and had a Sametime status message that he updated every day. Oh, and just for kicks, he'd have to have a goatee, too. Wouldn't that be crazy? And what if it turned out that he was the good one and I was the evil one? Man, I just blew my mind.

Special Blog Bonus: Evil Jeremy, if you're out there, you're probably running some sort of Status Message Theme Week with anagrams or something. That's just the kind of thing an evil version of me would do. So here's some food for thought:


Here's a Seinfeld clip from Bizarro world:

You can find audio of Bender from Futurama contemplating the existence of a Parallel Bender here. Listen to clip 3.

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