Friday, May 25, 2007

Pump Up the Gas Grill!

Pump up the gas grill, pump it up while the flame is jumping. Pump up the gas grill, pump it up. Blue flame!

Source: BBQ by 2 Skinnee J's. If you know only one song by the Skinnees, it should be BBQ. BBQ and 718. Two songs. Those two songs should be BBQ and 718... and The Best. Three songs. OK, just learn all of their songs and get back to me.

Explanation: "The food is piping hot, the beer is icy cold, the cole slaw's from the deli AND THE JELLO'S IN THE MOLD!" Oh, sorry - I got distracted. In the original recording of BBQ on Sing Earthboy, Sing the Skinnees had Ya Kid K, who did Pump up the Jam with Technotronic, come and sing this part. Bring the in the holiday weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer with style by pumping up track 5 of the Skinnees reunion show below. You'll thank me later!


Jeremy said...

Two comments of note:

First, I just heard that there are 99 days until the college football season begins on September 1. That's exciting and depressing, seeing as that's all the summer we get. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Second, the ad that Google just chose for my Skinnees post is "Gay-Friendly Auto Dealers." I don't have an issue with them advertising on my blog. I just have no idea what text triggered it. My money is on "Ya Kid K", though.

Jim said...

Have you seen the outfits on Eddie Eyeball? Yeah, I just picked him, cause it's fun to say Eddie Eyeball.

Jeremy said...

I totally should have posted some Skinnees pictures today. I'll get 'em up someday. On the bright side, nothing about the Skinnees will be changing anytime soon, so I can take my time with that.