Monday, May 21, 2007

Lawnmower vs. Predator

Memo to bunny: The lawnmower and a predator are fundamentally different in that the predator will go away if you hold still in the same place, whereas the lawnmower will not stop until every square inch of the yard is covered.

Explanation: I came within about 18 inches of mulching a bunny in my back yard yesterday because it felt that staying absolutely still was the best way to avoid detection. I stopped the mower when I saw something unusual in front of me, and as I stared at it trying to make out what kind of animal it was (they don't quite look the same when they lie as flat as possible) it bounded off into the woods.

When is somebody going to invent the Lawn-ba? I want a Roomba that mows lawns. As an added perk, it would defend the yard from deer, bunnies, and the neighbors' annoying dogs. Somebody get on this!

Actually, apparently somebody already has.

Come to think of it, I have another solution for the same problem:

Goat eating grass

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