Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coming Attractions

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In a world of blogs with content on the left and a sidebar on the right or content on the right and a sidebar on the left, one blog dared to be different. One blog pushed the envelope. One blog had the guts, the courage, the intestinal fortitude (or any intestines at all) to try something new. This Friday, from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the writers of Happy Days, and the people who brought you that strange blog about the teddy bears, comes a new dimension in blogging... The third column!

Coming to a browser near you Friday, May 24th.

Special Blog Bonus: Need a real preview? It's the Simpsons movie!


Jeremy said...

According to Wikipedia, movie previews are also known as "giant cats". Now you know.

Jeremy said...

Stupid sites and their stupid policies. Let's try this link instead.