Monday, May 14, 2007

Their Little Toolbelts are Cute

The gazebo in our backyard was sprayed on Friday for carpenter bees. Now there are poisoned bee carcasses all over the place. I saw some birds back there and thought they were eating the dead bees, and now I'm afraid that the birds might die from the poison. Then the cats from the neighborhood might end up eating the poisoned birds and dying. Next thing you know we'd have dogs being poisoned back there by the dead cats. It's not a good cycle. Anyway, long story short, if you see a bunch of dead horses in our backyard, now you'll know why.

Explanation: For those of you who grew up in Bosnia and may not be familiar with this song, here's a very rough approximation of how it goes:

Special Blog Bonus: It's Bumble Bee Man from the Simpsons!


Jeremy said...

In case you were wondering, it is quite a sight to behold when those carpenter bees go buzzing all around with their little tool belts on.

Heather said...

Thank God you didn't invite your whole family over, what with all the poisons and all. Especally the little nephews and niece..
An entertaining don't from Martha Stewart, "Do not spread poison, or poison carcasses prior to entertaining. Kill them all after you fete, it's a good thing."