Sunday, May 25, 2008

Size Matters

From the archives:

Saddam Hussein's prison cell in Iraq is bigger than our office. The difference is, we have internet access... SIGH.

Explanation: When Saddam Hussein was captured in Iraq, they described in the article how the once mighty ruler was now confined to a miserable cell. I was really excited about how he had been taken down a notch until I realized that the dimensions of his sad little prison cell were actually greater than the dimensions of my office at work... and I had to share my office!

Now, the internet access at work was certainly a perk, but he got free meals and we didn't. Let's not forget that part. Anyway, I learned that it is apparently better to be a deposed dictator facing execution than it is to be a lowly software engineer - advice I will certainly pass on to my children someday.

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