Friday, May 9, 2008



Explanation: So I went to the doctor yesterday and he took the rest of the tick out and gave me some medication for that but he also looked at my poison ivy and determined that I need to take a steroid to stop my body from reacting to it and I was warned that the steroid might have the effect of making me hyperactive and I'm supposed to warn people so if they see a change in my behavior they can attribute it to that and not to my normal personality because I wouldn't want people thinking that I was weird like that when it was just the medication talking to them so I figured I'd warn everyone who reads my blog in case they encountered such behavior from me which is possible but I don't think it will really happen but I feel it neccessary to warn everyone nonetheless.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to work so I can finish up what I was working on before I went to the doctor yesterday because I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now and when I had some free time today maybe on a coffee break or something I was going to paint the house but its raining out and I don't want to open the windows so maybe I'll just clean the garage out since it'll only take a few minutes in this high energy state I'm in and it's ironic that I'll be doing it on a coffee break because I don't even drink coffee and yet I have more energy right now than coffee could possibly give me so maybe I should call it a steroid break except then people will start to wonder why I've been hitting all these home runs lately and then due to my height they might start suspecting me of taking human growth hormone which I have most certainly not taken and then I'd have to issue one of those Roger Clemens blanket apologies where I don't apologize for anything anyone knows I did but I do apologize for all the bad stuff I did that nobody has found out about me yet because I know that they probably will because my Bosnian former workout partner has sued me for defamation because I proclaimed on my blog that I had come home with a tick that almost certainly came from his new backyard which is quite lovely I must say though I know he has a lot of work planned on it which is a shame because if I was in Poughkeepsie with this level of energy I could help him with it except it's probably raining up there so never mind I'll just find some other way to channel my medication-enhanced boost.

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Willie Y said...

Start lifting weights. Two words
American Gladiator.