Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Windows 2.0

Walkin' on, walkin' on broken glass.

Source: Technically these are the lyrics to an Annie Lennox song.

Explanation: In reality, these are the lyrics to my life. The second half of our windows were installed yesterday and our installation crew was not nearly as competent as the crew that did the first half last summer. As a result, I have to wear shoes inside at all times until the new crew (we requested that yesterday's crew never set foot in our house again) finishes up today.

Why was yesterday's crew incompetent, you ask? They took out 13 windows, breaking most of them, AND DID NOT BRING A SHOP VAC. One of the crew members did a rapid cleanup job using our vacuum from the hall closet. He did not ask to use the vacuum. He did not ask to look in our closet. He just took it. To the best of my knowledge, my cheap Hoover is not designed to suck up large chunks of glass and metal. As a result, the good people at the window company are buying us the best damned vacuum we can find.* There's more, but hopefully the new improved crew, courtesy of the nice customer service gentleman who visited our house last night, will make everything right.

Did I mention that my wife stepped on a small piece of glass in the shower this morning? If you're keeping track at home (and we are) that takes the "where we found broken glass" list up to: the driveway, the kitchen, the upstairs hallway, the love seat, and the shower.

*If anyone has any suggestions on what we should get, feel free to post them. I'm guessing our new vacuum will be in the $300-$400 range. I have also considered the carpet zambonis they use at work, but it would be tough to do the steps with one.


Willie Y said...

Here is a little info on vacums.

Electrolux Trilobite 2.0 . This is priced at $1799.

Anonymous said...

I have a dyson - I've been pretty happy with it, and have used it several times to vacuum up glass fragments.
-Judson (from Evil Jeremy's blag)

"Little" Jeremy said...

SO, why is it that ,in a post about "Broken WIndows", I immediately think of, "Oh, you installed Vista, your poor sot..."

Jeremy said...

I think I'd rather have broken glass all over my house than have Vista on my PC. It's close, but the free vacuum clinches it.