Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scary Appliances

No household appliance should remind you of a Stephen King book.

Any Guesses? Firestarter brand iron? Dark Towster? Our Insomnia brand coffee machine? A Misery electric can opener? Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redishwasher?

Explanation: Our bathroom scale has one visible word printed on it: "THINNER." So, every time I see it I imagine myself wasting away into nothingness because of a gypsy curse or something. While that may be the perfect imagery for most dieters, ballet dancers, and Hollywood actresses, I'm a little repulsed by the idea of being 6'6" and 75 pounds. Call me crazy.

Special Blog Bonus: I can't say I totally understand it, but you should still check out this photo collection of LEGO Stormtroopers. Frankly, I just find it amusing that LEGO makes the scary bad guys look cute.


Willie Y said...

I just bought a Misery 20 lb sledgehammer. I use it on myself when Monica wants me to go to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Jeremy said...

I've had A couple Blag entries about a Firestarter brand Toaster that we have in our cafeteria. It's a lot of fun!

Jeremy said...

My apologies. I originally had "Firestarter brand toaster" written with the intent to link to your blog, but then I thought of "Dark Towster" and promptly forgot about it.