Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thoughts On Vacuuming

From the archives:

10 Things I Thought as I Vacuumed My New House For the First Time:

10) Wow, this place is bigger than my old place.
9) This is going to take forever.
8) I wonder where my employer gets those carpet zambonis from.
7) Maybe it'll be better when we actually have furniture.
6) I wonder if I can vacuum a giant VT into the center of this room.
5) I bet they make ride-on carpet zambonis, too.
4) Am I taxed by the square foot?
3) If I walk forward and then back, I can make my footprints disappear.
2) A housekeeper can't be THAT expensive.

Explanation: I have a LOT of time to think while I'm vacuuming. This would also be how I concocted Hoover's Paradox. I should also note that now that we have furniture, vacuuming is not much more fun.

Oh, the joys of home ownership! Today's chore: raking the yard.*

*I should note that raking the yard will still be a slightly more fun activity than Monday's scheduled periodontal surgery.


The Good Jeremy said...

You know....with all this talk about Zambonis, you may want to give Hockey another chance.

Willie Y said...

You do know that hockey is played on ice not carpeting. And you use a hockey stick not a vacuum cleaner.

Jack said...

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Or you could get the “Rosie” model

I couldn't find a robot periodontist.


Jack said...

Hey! Did you know your blog comments do not text wrap? Both of my links lost the ".jpg"


Jeremy said...

What you need to do to create a hyperlink is to use the HTML tag "<a>". You can do it as follows:

<a href="YOUR LINK HERE">Link Text</a>

Just using the link doesn't resolve to a hyperlink in the Blogger comments section. If you repost your comment, I'll delete your old comment for you.