Friday, April 18, 2008

Right By the Mirror Where You Like It, Sir

Narcissus, party of one, your table is now available.

Explanation: This is probably more amusing to me than it will be to you, but it just seems to me that somebody who is narcissistic would rather eat with their favorite person. And who is more narcissistic than anyone? Narcissus, of course.

Special Blog Bonus: In honor of my parents' dog Emma, who is coming to visit us this weekend, here's a Far Side comic:

Far Side dog with newspaper


Willie Y said...

Expecting a slobber-fest?

Jeremy said...

Nap-fest 2008! Be there or... well... sleep in.

Jack said...


Not to worry, I am printing the "Beware of Dog" signs. Do you want the subtitle to say "Tripping Hazzard", "Fur Shedding Zone" or "Subject to Rolling Over without Warning"?

And, of course, “Will defend the house against nonexistent threats, unless the threat has a biscuit!”