Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Win Again, Gravity!

She's built like a steak house, but she handles like a bistro.

Source: Zapp Brannigan from the Futurama episode Amazon Women in the Mood.

Explanation: After proclaiming that there's no restaurant he can't pilot, Brannigan crashes a restaurant into a planet of Amazonian women and, of course, hilarity ensues.

Special Blog Bonus: Let's get to the important stuff. LEGO Futurama!

First up, we have the "miniland" (the name for this genre) creations of Steve Bishop. If you follow the link, he has more than just Futurama, but it's all good stuff.

Next up is the offering from Matt De Lanoy, who has customized Futurama minifigs* in this creation:

Also of note are Matt's Star Wars creations.

*Tip of the hat to SpakKadi for reminding me to mention this.

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