Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OK, Maybe I Cursed More Than Thrice

"Measure twice, cut once" is a better motto than "Eyeball once, cut twice, curse thrice."

Explanation: For years and years, there was nothing I hated more than the two-hook picture frame. Even with a level and a ruler, I inevitably had three to five nail holes behind every hanging picture in my house. That has all changed with my new laser level. I hung some curtains this weekend and spent more time measuring than drilling. The final result was spectacular: totally level curtain rods exactly where they should be. Of course, we now know the house is crooked...

Special Blog Bonus: I stumbled across this quote yesterday:

"I don't think there's [any] reason for him to be suspended for the next game." - Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets, referring to the question of whether Jason Kidd's flagrant foul (for which he was ejected from game 3 of the series) deserved additional suspention.

See, this quote is amusing, because Paul is averaging 25 points and 11 assists (counting last night's game) in the series... while guarded by Kidd. If I was Chris Paul, I'd want Kidd to play, too.

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