Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Real American Heroes

Bud Light presents Real American Heroes. Today we salute you, Mr. Drunken West Virginia Fan on the 12:42 AM Train to Trenton.

You somehow manage to get drunk out of your mind at a five hour event where alcohol is not served. You loudly rant about how pathetic Air Force is, even though you didn't play them and you're not sure if their academy is in Maryland or Texas. You discuss graphic sexual acts at a volume high enough to disturb people on passing trains. Some might say you would sober up a bit along the way, but you just get louder and louder. So crack open a nice cold Bud Light, Drunken West Virginia Fan, and get yourself prepared for the NIT of life... if you qualify.

Explanation: Actually, this guy managed to keep me awake and (somewhat) amused for an hour and a half on the ride home. I didn't fall asleep and miss my stop thanks to this Real American Hero.

Special Blog Bonus: Check out a collection of actual Bud Light radio spots here.

Exciting Answers to Yesterday's Questions: Not sure. No. Yes, except for one guy who got a terrible nosebleed. Quite well for thirty-nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds. Barbecue. Nobody knows, but if you wear a lot of purple, nobody notices the orange, and vice versa. Nobody got Pittsnogled - they didn't serve alcohol. Yes. Otto weirds out the selection committee. Probably. They're both pretty small. Does he read at all? If so, I hope he doesn't read my previous answer. There was a third-place game?


Jeremy said...

Apparently, you can actually buy CDs of the Bud Light ad campaign on Amazon. Just search for "Bud Light" in the Amazon link on the right. Scary.

Jeremy said...

Interesting factoid I saw the other day: This year over 160,000 people in the ESPN Tournament Challenge correctly picked all four of the Final Four teams. Last year? 4.

Rog said...

Awesome answers.

Phil? Phil Phister? Phil Phister, I thought that was you!

Why would anybody buy CDs though, when they're right on the webpage?

Moreover, it's funny/sad that they were Real American Heroes until 9/11, then they became Real Men of Genius because sarcasm was dead or something.

apparently i suck at verifying "words" this word is dxujcee, all green and slanty too.

Jeremy said...

I was more shocked that they were compiled onto CDs in the first place.

Not sure if you saw the game, but the "terrible nosebleed" caused a 7 minute delay while they cleaned blood off the court. No joke.

Thason Jweatt said...

Is there really no longer a third place game?

You should hear my plan on how to really make the NIT a consolation bracket for the NCAA tournament.

Jeremy said...

It looks like the third-place game stopped in 2004.

Does your plan involve serving beer at MSG for the NIT? I'd totally be behind that.

Jim said...

I'd be all for a plan that involved serving beer at MSG. "So crack open a cold Bud Light Mr. Took a Left Hook to the Face Air Force Guy...wait you can't"