Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Florida A&M Danced With Too Much Thumb Action Anyway

Great. Now that Niagara won, I have to rework my bracket again.

Explanation: Some idiot a few years back decided that the number of at-large bids to the NCAA men's basketball tournament should remain constant. So, when a new conference was added to the mix, the total number of teams was increased from 64 to 65 and a play-in game was added. Two average teams from mid-major conferences play for the honor of being destroyed by a top seed two days later. Most NCAA Tournament pools consider the winner of this game irrelevant. This year, Niagara topped Florida A&M for this honor. Welcome to the Big Dance, Niagara! Kansas awaits!

Special Blog Bonus: In honor of the Big Dance, here's Elaine Benes dancing:

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Jeremy said...

Happy Pi Day! (3.14)