Friday, March 23, 2007

Half Off! Today Only!

From the archives:

In honor of my half day today, I am only going to write

Explanation: I'm actually taking a full day off today, but this was 50% more appropriate than any other status message I could find.

This is a more traditional status message, so I'm going to add a "Traditional" label just for kicks.

Special Blog Bonus: A poem to commemmorate the occasion:

Roses are
I'm not
But you


Jeremy said...

Four for four in the tournament last night! I'M BACK, BABY!!!

Go Florida! Go Oregon! Go Georgetown! Go USC! On Dasher! On Dancer! On... oh... went a little overboard there.

loojie said...

You're going to laugh, but after acing the Sweet 16 I am currently leading my office March Madness pool. (Yes, i still know fuckall about NCAA basketball.) Go UCLA! Go Florida! Go UNC! And, all the way to the end, go OSU!!!