Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just Like the Big Dance, Only Smaller

What do Air Force, Clemson, Mississippi State, and West Virginia have in common?

Answer: None of them made the NCAA Tournament!

Explanation: We're going to the NIT Semifinals at Madison Square Garden tonight! This is the night all of our questions are answered! Will the underdogs pull out victories? Will we figure out who the underdogs are? Can Air Force deal with the low altitude? How will Mississippi State deal with the big city atmosphere? What will we eat for dinner? Why on earth does Clemson wear orange and purple? Will West Virginia get Pittsnogled? Did I spell "Pittsnogled" right? Why didn't Syracuse get an NCAA Tournament bid? Are there NIT tournament pools? Are they bigger or smaller than West Virginian gene pools? Does Phil Phister read my blog? Will he hurt me because of that gene pool comment? Does anyone miss the third-place game?

Exciting answers coming tomorrow!!!

Special Blog Bonus: In honor of the NIT, here's the ugly stepsister from Shrek:

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