Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Vacation

From the archives:

And so, today, as I code away at my desk, summer vacation commences for the children next door. Luckily, I am a highly focused worker and things like this just don't bother... HEY, YOU KIDS! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Explanation: Yes, my laser-like focus keeps me from being distracted by the neighborhood kids toilet papering my house, using the mulch beds along my driveway as a bicycle ramp, spinning my mailbox around so it's backwards, practicing their bike skids in my driveway, and (of course) attempting to pee in the potted plant in front of my house. Sadly, all of this stuff has actually happened. Luckily, most of it hasn't happened lately. Of course, school is out, so I'm happy to report that the kids will now have more free time to be creative. Hooray!

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