Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Streak is Broken

Curse you Citgo and your $4 gas.

Explanation: So, the other day I went to my favorite gas station, a Citgo right by my house. They always have the best gas prices around. On this particular day, I think the unleaded price was listed as $3.93 a gallon. I gave the nice attendant my credit card and told him to fill it up with the regular. He gassed me up, and when I looked at my receipt to see the damage (I'm a masochist sometimes) I saw that I had paid $4.01 a gallon. First and foremost, I was infurated. Until that moment, I had never paid over $4 a gallon for gas. That jerk bastard broke my streak. Then I checked the price on the big sign, just to make sure, and started to study the pump, trying to figure out if I had been given some sort of premium gas by mistake.

It was at that moment that my wife pointed out the word "Cash" on the big sign next to the "$3.93". Apparently, they now charge different amounts for gas if you use cash or a credit card. I'm mostly frustrated by the fact that I go to this gas station all the time, and the reason this caught me by surprise is exactly that. You'd think the nice attendant would mention (assuming he spoke English*) that they now charge more if you use credit. But nooo. Instead the little jerk bastard barely muttered two words to me and made me break my streak. Now we have to find a new favorite gas station.*

*All of the attendants don't speak much English, but the gas station compensates for its non-American ownership by proudly displaying around 45 American flags of varying sizes.

*My criteria are low low prices and many many American flags.


Willie Y said...


Jack said...

Try this http://www.newjerseygasprices.com/
- the New Jersey Gas Prices website.

That way you don't waste gas looking for gas.

Jeremy said...

They don't mention how many American flags the station has, though.

Jack said...


For that information, you need to check the American Flags at Gas Stations website http://zapr.blogspot.com/2007/03/gas-station-american-flags-b.html

But to correlate the two you will need to build your own website!