Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Spain!

¡Viva España!

Explanation: Spain won the EURO 2008 soccer tournament yesterday (or this morning, if you watched the TiVo-delayed broadcast). I'm partial to Spain because I met my wife there while on vacation in an island paradise. Also because the Netherlands were already eliminated from the tournament.

As I watched the game this morning and realized that I might not be able to see the whole thing, I considered posting a "Do not tell me anything about the EURO 2008 final" status message. Then I considered my readership and decided that I'd better not chance it.


Willie Y said...

1 to 0 it must have been a real pictures duel.

Mankind is suppose to throw a ball not kick it.

Tommy John said...

And when mankind throws the ball too much and destroys his elbow, mankind is supposed to strengthen the joint using the Achilles tendons of less fortunate members of mankind.

Dr Frankinstien said...

Used body parts rule Tommy!