Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mrs. Prince

If Madonna married Prince, would she change her name? If so, to what?

Explanation: Not much to explain here, it's just something I've always wondered. Of course, ever since Prince changed his name to that symbol and back, now people can claim that she would change her name to "The Artist Formerly Known As Madonna". I don't see that happening, though.

Here are a few other potentially interesting celebrity marriages:

  • What if Sarah Jessica Parker had married Richard Lewis? She'd be Sarah Jessica Parker-Lewis. It can't lose!
  • If Vivica Fox had married Tiger Woods, she'd be Vivica Fox-Woods. I'd bet on that marriage!
  • If Keira Knightley married Tim Daly, she'd be Keira Knightly-Daly. That marriage would work any time!
  • If Ivana Trump were to marry Dane Cook, she'd be Ivana Cook. Get that woman an oven! (Or get that woman a personal chef!)
I'm sure there are better celebrity marriages out there, and I know you loyal readers can do better. Post those comments!

Special Blog Bonus: If you have a spare minute, instead of marrying celebrities, you can just combine them. Check out MorphThing. I played with it quite a bit. They don't have a picture of Prince, so I couldn't morph him with Madonna. (I did morph her with Prince Charles, though) For your amusement, here's a combination of George W Bush and Gollum:

Gollum and George Bush Faces Combined Together -


Willie Y said...

Roberta Flack and Lewis Black

Willie Y said...

Tory Selling married Guy Norman Bee

Jeremy said...

I'm kind of afraid that you spent the 17 minutes between those posts working on the second one. Has the snow stopped in Maine yet?

Jeremy said...

Halle Berry were a guy and Al Franken were a woman (aside from the 1000 things that are frightening about that thought) and they got married, he (she?) would be Al Franken-Berry.

Jeremy said...

If Claudia Schiffer married The Brain from Pinky and the Brain, she'd be Claudia Schiffer-Brain

Willie Y said...

Yes it has stopped snowing smart guy. Does it still smell like a 50 foot egg salad sandwich on the Turnpike in Elizabeth? Also the correct spelling of my comment should be Tori Spelling and not Tory Selling, who ever that is.

And I thought 17 minutes was pretty fast.

Jeremy said...

If Mrs. Butterworth were to marry Mr. Bigglesworth, she'd be Mrs. Butterworth-Bigglesworth.